Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an efficient way to grow the business locally. It help to improve your local business that help to promote products, Service and Offers base on local customer and audience which actually looking for.

So Local SEO achieved through various method that have to work with My Google Business.

Did you know? 85 % of audience or customer is take help from local search to get what they are looking for. But if the given information is not relevant the 68% of consumer would stop using Local SEO (local Business) if such way that they found wrong ad incorrect information in local business portal.

Instead of researching on everywhere, consumer prefer local search to save time to get service /offer or Product .When query is much precise and relevant just like ‘Best bike servicing near’ me or ‘Best bike services in [Location]’. For this types of query ,which need to optimize regularly on “my Google business page “ to show result in local .In short we intimate to Google trust worthy and our business is genuine .

Reasons! Why Local SEO is Important for Business and Leads:

  • Local customer automatically Turing to your business via local SEO.
  • Beneficial for Lead and help to improve your local business.
  • 95% pc and Mobile user are comfortable and they prefer local Search to find that they are looking for (Product, Services and offers)
  • Around 50% mobile consumer take help from Local search to find the business just Company name, business, Services, Direction and Phone numbers.
  • It helps to maintain your business reputation.
  • Generate more leads and enquiry.

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